TEDxChange in Leeds

Yesterday afternoon, Lecture Theatre F at Leeds’ Rose Bowl was one of 82 locations around the world that participated in the TEDxChange global webcast.

With just over a couple dozen attendees, TEDxChange in Leeds brought together an eclectic bunch of writers, entrepreneurs, activists and technologists from Leeds and nearby cities; a cross-section of people that is a small-scale preview of the engaged crowd we’re hoping for at TEDxLeeds2010.

You can find out more about the afternoons proceedings with…

A few hours prior to TEDxChange, The Daily Beast asked readers Is Clinton’s CGI the new UN? Suggesting that nation states are perhaps not the best mechanisms for furthering the global development…a provocative assertion and one that demands some scrutiny.

Though Herb and I were pleased to be able to bring Leeds to the TEDxChange global conversation – and that we were joined by an interesting bunch for the afternoon – it was an oddly remote and detached experience, though Graça Machel‘s closing talk on the critical role of women in development had real resonance for me.

TEDxLeeds2009 worked well as compelling live speakers were interspersed with great content from the TED archives, helping to create a narrative that led to some great conversations throughout the evening. Screenings alone can’t do this and we’ll be ensuring that the focus of TEDxLeeds2010 is firmly on our live speakers; two of whom I’ll be meeting this afternoon :)

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