TED2011 Simulcast (TEDxLive)

On 2nd March 2011, the TEDxLeeds team will be simulcasting the second day of the TED2011 conference, live from Long Beach, California, right here in Leeds!

TED2011 is framed around The Rediscovery of Wonder; everything from a scientist describing one of nature’s breathtaking surprises, to an inventor unveiling a new marvel or an artist revealing her impossibly rich imagination.

Along with a light dinner and refreshments, we’re inviting guests to join us at Old Broadcasting House to view all fifteen talks; due to the time difference with California, our simulcast sessions will run from 4:30 to midnight…

Session 4: Worlds Imagined
4:30-6:15 pm

Session 5: Deep Mystery
7:00-8:45 pm

Session 6: Knowledge Revolution
10:15-00:00 am

Session 7: Radical Collaboration
1:00-2:45 am

  • Edith Widder Biologist, conservationist, deep-sea explorer
  • JR Street artist
  • Surprise guests…

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