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Urbanized… the design of cities

TEDxLeeds2010 brought together a number of designers, artists and technologists to explore the notion of The City As A Platform, so it’s a real pleasure for us to present Gary Hustwit’s latest work, Urbanized.

Urbanized is director Gary Hustwit’s third feature-length documentary; exploring the design of cities, the issues and strategies behind urban design and features some of the world’s foremost architects, planners, policymakers, builders, and thinkers business finance.

We’re looking at arranging a screening of Urbanized as part of LSx’s Buffering… series in the near future. In the meantime, you can rent a HD stream of the film over at the official movie site and embedded above.

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The City As A Platform (Imran Ali)

Imran Ali is the founder of the LSx Festival of Technology and also a founding partner of emerging technologies lab CARBON:imagineering.

Here, Imran welcomes TEDxLeeds2010 attendees and introduces the themes and speakers for the evening’s programme…

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Rashik Parmar: Creating a Smarter Planet, City by City

Rashik Parmar is IBM’s CTO for North East Europe, a Distinguished Engineer and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology.

His leaderhsip of projects related to IBM’s Smarter Cities programme formed the basis of his closing talk for TEDxLeeds – underlying where culture, society, industry and infrastructure can benefit from a ‘smarter planet’, where cities are the fundamental building blocks.

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Matt Edgar: The Makers Of Leeds

Matt Edgar works in product strategy and design management in the amazing world of web and mobile media. He’s run product strategy for Ananova and design and usability for Orange.

On his blog he wonders about the history of technology and innovation, and the cool stuff that happens when old and new media converge. His TEDxLeeds talk, is a dizzying and visually stunning presentation of Leeds’ technological legacy…

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Stuart Childs: 60 Seconds

Stuart Childs co-directs The Jam Jar Collective using computers and electronics to make installations and run workshops for adults and children. With a background in designing sound and lighting for theatre shows he now shows people how to pick up a soldering iron and start making things.

Stuart spoke about his 60 seconds project and how he thinks geo-tagged sound recording is changing how we archive, consume and share audio content.

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