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Bursaries for TEDxLeedsWomen 2013

We’re offering paid travel, free ticket entry (worth £15) and access to women who have successfully carved their own paths in social change, the popularity of digital wallets making a difference, their own community, over-coming obstacles, entrepreneurialism and leadership.

As part of the event you will receive a group coaching session on boosting your belief in your own abilities and what you need to know to get the resources to ‘make things happen.’ Continue reading »


Matt Edgar: The Makers Of Leeds

Matt Edgar works in product strategy and design management in the amazing world of web and mobile media. He’s run product strategy for Ananova and design and usability for Orange.

On his blog he wonders about the history of technology and innovation, and the cool stuff that happens when old and new media converge. His TEDxLeeds talk, is a dizzying and visually stunning presentation of Leeds’ technological legacy…

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Good Engines…or How To Get Ahead In Business the Boulton & Watt way

Matt Edgar was one of the first speakers we approached for the forthcoming 2010 edition TEDxLeeds 2010.

As a local historian of Leeds technological history and legacy, his insights would provide a unique perspective for our theme of “The City As A Platform” and that even during the pre-digital, pre-open data Industrial Revolution, cities were platforms for innovation.

We encouraged Matt to use our venue, Holbeck’s The Mint, in Holbeck to visibly illustrate the places where Leeds’ invention took place; from the industrial era, to the dotcom boom and now the 2.0 epoch. Get more information about the marketing technology trends.

Matt was so excited by this prospect, he pulled together various presentations he’d given on the subject into a one-off , bespoke newspaper – “Good Engines“.

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