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Katie Brown: Elegant Social Design

This year, TEDWomen has been guest curated and co-produced with Katie Brown.

Katie is active in social change in mental health, the arts and digital technology.  Katie is passionate about creativity and its place in organisational development. She works extensively with communities to implement the changes they most want to see.

Katie Brown

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Rashik Parmar: Creating a Smarter Planet, City by City

Rashik Parmar is IBM’s CTO for North East Europe, a Distinguished Engineer and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology.

His leaderhsip of projects related to IBM’s Smarter Cities programme formed the basis of his closing talk for TEDxLeeds – underlying where culture, society, industry and infrastructure can benefit from a ‘smarter planet’, where cities are the fundamental building blocks.

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Usman Haque: Smart People, Dumb Objects

Usman Haque, director of Haque Design + Research, closed the first half of TEDxLeeds2010 with Smart People, Dumb Objects, a discussion of where the infrastructure of cities may become instrumented as an “internet of things”.


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Yes We Can: Innovating Out Of A Recession

I once joked that ‘when I grow up, I want to be Norman’!

My most valuable mentor and the person who’s most shaped my career and world-view in the last half decade, Dr. Norman Lewis was the first guest speaker at TEDxLeeds2009. Norman issued a provocative challenge to the prevailing culture of limits and risk-aversion, in order to foster innovation for future wealth creation.

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