TEDWomen: Day 1

We’re never quite sure how our guests will respond to TED’s simulcasts. Hosting TEDxChange in Leeds back in September was a strange experience – great content, but without live speakers here in Leeds, a somewhat detached experience.

Though we only had a handful of people join us yesterday evening for the opening session of the inaugural TEDWomen conference, the more intimate round-table setting, tasty locally baked pizza and some great conversation meant we enjoyed a fun few hours.

Session 1 included a provocative interview with Ted Turner and great discussions from Hanna Rosin and Halla Tomasdottir as well as some witty cartoons from Liza Donnelly. However, what was surprising was the conversation around the table – what was happening in Washington DC was simply background to a lively discussion that ranged from feminism in Frank Herbert’s Dune and Y: The Last Man, equality in paternity and maternity leave and whether Ted Turner’s view that restricting politics to women would end war  -he’s clearly never come across the works of Condoleeza Rice, Margaret Thatcher or Indira Gandhi!

Thanks to Linda Broughton, Emma Cheshire, Talia Hussein, Lorna Mitchell, Tim Medcalf and Robert Burrell-Donkin for making it a great evening :)

We’re really looking forward to hosting an open house for Sessions 3-6, from 1230 to 9pm today. Do feel free to drop in and join us!

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