Wonder, Rediscovered. Wrapping Up TED2011

Monica Tailor's notes from TED2011

We weren’t sure what to expect from our third TED simulcast; September’s TEDxChange was a strangely detached, yet global experience for us, December’s TEDWomen was a very small group, but enabled some fun, intimate and animated discussions; indeed, both events were difficult to promote.

However, like our larger scale, live TEDxLeeds conferences, our TED2011 simulcast was a hit. We sold out around a week before the event with people registering on a wait list; we chose to go with a more informal, “lounge” setting; we encouraged everyone to put their feet up, let their hair down, come and go as they pleased from sessions; indeed, all but one of our guests asked us to extend our schedule from 4pm to midnight!

Most were unfamiliar with our previous TEDxLeeds2009 and TEDxLeeds2010 conferences and indeed strangers to each other, so we think the simulcast helped bring together a few new friendships and curate some interesting discussions.

The sessions themselves were – as always – fascinating, with my personal favourites being Deb Roy, Salman Khan, Amina Az-Zubair and Morgan Spurlock. TED has already started to publish roundups of various sessions, as well as a handful of the talks themselves…

Also, our attendees had many kind words for us…

Though we had a few venue problems, on the whole our third time out with TED simulcasts proved to be our luckiest, with a great mix of people right here in Leeds and some provocative and inspiring content from Long Beach.

We’ve run five TED events in Leeds since late 2009 and we still have a couple more up our sleeve for this year; the first TEDxBradford in July and our third TEDxLeeds is planned for the Autumn.


Finally, I’d like to thank nti Leeds, and Linda Broughton in particular, for providing us with use of Old Broadcasting House above and beyond the regular opening hours and for complimentary beverages throughout the evening.

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