Guest SpeakerTEDxLeeds2009

The Democratisation Of Design

Clive Grinyer closed the Design session at TEDxLeeds2009 with a discussion on the democratisation of design skills and practices beyond the role of designers; where every decision taken anywhere, is an act of design.

Clive has an incredible pedigree, ranging from Director of Customer Experience roles at Cisco, Orange and France Telecom, to Head of Design at TAG McLaren and notably, Director of Design & Innovation for the Design Council.

Interestingly, Clive is also a close friend of Apple’s Senior VP of Industrial Design, Jonathan Ive CBE. In fact, Clive once called me from San Francisco, saying he’d just had lunch with ‘Jonny’! However, it’s actually Clive’s work that I’m in awe of. In fact, I’ve been trying to find excuses to work with him for years :)

Clive’s talk was his second keynote in Leeds, again with a perspective that’s always provocative and intriguing. It was a genuine honour to have him close out the first TEDxLeeds with reflections on how his perspective on design had changed since he first spoke in Leeds in 2008.

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