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Katie Brown: Elegant Social Design

This year, TEDWomen has been guest curated and co-produced with Katie Brown.

Katie is active in social change in mental health, the arts and digital technology, have a look at these hiring tips.  Katie is passionate about creativity why do we have to have a paystub? and its place in organisational development. She works extensively with communities to implement the changes they most want to see, I think you should learn about how to use TikTok for business.

Katie Brown

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Introducing the Ludos…

At TEDxLeeds2012 we will be introducing the Ludos, a new currency for Leeds. The Ludos will exist for just the evening of 29th of February and will be legal tender for a special menu at Primos, at the Corn Exchange. One Ludos will be equivalent to one Pound Sterling.

The Ludos was named by The Culture Vultures’ Emma Bearman to imply both playfulness and the city’s ancient name of LeodisTom Morgan, then set about designing a unique banknote, celebrating Leeds past and hinting at its imagined future…

Right now, the Ludos is an experiment but if successful, we’re going to work with the city’s institutions to bring it back, for good and for the whole of Leeds :)


The Democratisation Of Design

Clive Grinyer closed the Design session at TEDxLeeds2009 with a discussion on the democratisation of design skills and practices beyond the role of designers; where every decision taken anywhere, is an act of design.

Clive has an incredible pedigree, ranging from Director of Customer Experience roles at Cisco, Orange and France Telecom, to Head of Design at TAG McLaren and notably, Director of Design & Innovation for the Design Council.

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Designs To Save Newspapers

Our final screening of TEDxLeeds2009 and the introduction to our closing session on Design, was particularly topical.

With the unfolding collapse of the newspaper industry and a crisis in professional journalism, Jacek Utko, a Polish newspaper designer, argued that great design could save the newspaper and reconnect with readers.

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