TEDxLeeds 2010 is open for registration!

Our plans for TEDxLeeds2010 have been somewhat of an open secret for several weeks, but today we’re very pleased to that we’re open for business and ready for you to register for your free tickets.

What… The theme for TEDxLeeds2010 is “The City as a Platform” and will explore how technology, design and entertainment are reshaping how we think about cities and the notion of ‘place’. To this end, we’ve collected some of our thoughts on cities as platforms, interesting articles and TEDtalks on Cities Past & Future for your enjoyment.

Who… Our guest speakers for the evening include…

  • IBM’s Rashik Parmar: Smarter Cities
  • Usman Haque: Instrumenting the City
  • Cornerstone Strategies’ Susan Williamson: Transactional Spaces & Spatial Choreography
  • Tinker London’s Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino: Deep City
  • Orange’s Matt Edgar: The Makers Of Leeds
  • FutureEverything’ Julian Tait: Open Data, The City and the New Federation
  • Leeds Met doctoral student Megan Smith: Our City, Our Music

When… TEDxLeeds2010 will be one of the pillar events for the Leeds Digital Festival and will take place from 4-9pm on Wednesday 10th November.  Where… We’re very fortunate to be the first occupants of the newly constructed The Mint, in Holbeck Urban Village on the south edge of the city. Directions are available at Google Maps and the Mint’s website. We do hope you’re able to join us on the 10th – in the mean time, do get in touch and explore the website!


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