The next 5’000 days of the web

TEDxLeeds2009 opened with a screening of Kevin Kelly’s thrilling 2007 talk on “The next 5’000 days of the web“.

The founding editor of WIRED magazine, a board member of the Long Now Foundation and a celebrated writer on the parallels between biology and digital culture, Kevin shared an interesting fact – that the web was only 5000 days old.

In this talk, he speculates on what might come in the next 5’000 days…

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I had the great privilege of meeting Kevin at Foo Camp 2006, standing in a freezing huddle – with Technotari’s David Sifry and my good friends Ian and Rich – at the O’Reilly campus :)

In the time since this talk, Kevin has published some extraordinary essays on the evolution of humanity and its technology, including…

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