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Dr. Jayne Rodgers: Digital Activism – Dial Up, Armchairs and Apps

It’s hard to remember it now but once upon a time there was no such thing as the Internet. In 1995 Jayne Rodgers decided to research this thing  that barely existed, hypothesizing that it had the potential to change the world – or at least political activism – for the better. This presentation takes a journey through time, from the dark days of dial up through armchair activism to the Prime Minister on Twitter world we now inhabit. Was she right? Did the Internet change the world for the better? Sit back and enjoy the presentation then let’s have a heated debate…

Jayne Rodgers

Jayne Rodgers, PhD, is a writer and academic. With her daughter, Bibi, she writes the popular food and fitness blog, Veggie Runners, recently nominated for Best Vegetarian Website in the Cook Vegetarian Awards. She taught International Communications at universities in the UK and Canada for 15 years and has researched and published widely on the impact of the Internet on social and political practices. Whilst this is very satisfying, running and writing about vegetables make her most happy. The Veggie Runners Cookbook and two Ilex Instant ebooks are scheduled for publication in 2014, have a look at this digital marketing guide.

You can follow Jayne on Twitter as @janeydodge and her writing on food and fitness at Veggie Runners.