Early bird registrations for TEDxLeeds2012: Money Talks


<a href="http://lsx buy generic” onclick=”_gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ‘outbound-article’, ‘’, ‘LSx’]);” >LSx and Bettakultcha are currently putting the finishing touches to the programme for 2012 edition of TEDxLeeds, but we wanted to open registrations for early bird tickets as soon as we could.

From 9th to 23rd January, tickets will be available at a special price of just £10, rising to £15 in two weeks, so hurry up! Here’s a preview of what we have planned for the third TEDxLeeds, on 29th February from 5-10pm at the Leeds Corn Exchange…

For over 150 years, Leeds has played a central role at the forefront of Britain’s financial services sector, as the nation’s secondary fiscal hub…

30 national and international banks; 150 accountancy firms including 9 of the top 10 largest UK practices; 10 stockbroking firms; 3 of the UK’s 8 largest building societies; home to Britain’s first telephone banking operation; the only Bank of England note issuing centre outside London.

At TEDxLeeds2012, we’ll be showcasing the most interesting ideas about the future of money and promise that any stories of stockbrokers, building societies, accountants, call centres or bankers will be challenging and provocative!

Humanity has begun to see money as a natural force – like air or gravity – speaking of “market forces” as if they exist outside human agency, yet the constructs and cultures of money are entirely of human invention… and consequently anything we invent, we can innovate and enhance. Wall Street’s “unnovation” of money – thousands of little algorithms… volatile, unpredictable, and impossible for humans to comprehend – brought us a global financial singularity, which still threatens to form a black hole…

However, there are others that are innovating new futures for money – as tools for localism, as exchanges for creative skills and as anti-corruption mechanisms.

We’re going to take you on a tour of the future of money and the people currently remixing the meaning of money. Leeds is a city of inventors and TEDxLeeds will return Leeds to its role as an innovator of money – with humanity as its master, not its slave.


Our speakers for the evening will include the some of the people behind BitCoinCivilised Money, the Brixton Poundcrowdfunding and Macon Money.

But this won’t be simply be about talking heads. TEDxLeeds is about activism, and we intend to demonstrate some of the ideas being discussed.

This may be something as simple as a basic clothes swap or more ambitiously, the creation of a local currency (a Leeds Pound? the Holbuck? the Jimmy?) which exist for just a day, or perhaps a week or a month…

We hope to have a roomful of creative and talented people tinkering with the concept of a medium of exchange, so be prepared to find something innovative!

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