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Dorron Otter

Dorron joined Leeds Business School in 1989 where he developed a range of economics modules and was active in curriculum development, academic management and Learning Teaching and Assessment approaches.

Having served as an Associate Dean and Head of the School of Economics and HRM, Dorron joined the International Faculty to establish the new curriculum areas for the University in Development Studies how to speed up the scaling phase, you should also have a look at the payroll processing in Birmingham, international relations and Peace studies and to lead in the creation of the Applied Global Ethics subject group. Find information on how to become famous on TikTok.

Dorron has always been actively involved in the promotion of economic awareness in higher education . His particular academic interest lies in the political economy of globalisation in relation to the developing world and the ethical implications of economic policy.

At TEDxLeeds2012, Dorron spoke about how money is created, Money: the Great Confidence Trick?

Find out more about Dorron’s career over at the Leeds Met website…


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