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Usman Haque: Smart People, Dumb Objects

Usman Haque, director of Haque Design + Research, closed the first half of TEDxLeeds2010 with Smart People, Dumb Objects, a discussion of where the infrastructure of cities may become instrumented as an “internet of things”.


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Susan Williamson: For whom do we Build, Design, Make

Susan Williamson is a retail architect and social scientist who started her UK career 25 years ago during the shopping centre boom. She found her interest increasingly turned to the rationale – both cultural and economic – behind transactional spaces.

Susan’s TEDxLeeds talk focussed on the stories behind such transactional spaces and the expert users of those spaces: the shoppers, workers, walkers, talkers , the performers and those who simply lurk.

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Julian Tait: Open Data, the City and the New Federation

Julian Tait is the Open Data Cities and Social Sensor Networks Lead at FutureEverything.

Originally trained as a photographer, he became more involved with digital arts and how technology could enhance our everyday experience. He is a serial project initiator and community activist who is passionate about how technology is used wisely, has the potential to create a more equitable society.

His TEDxLeeds talk explores he impact of open data on the future of cities, nations and government…

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Megan Smith: Embedding Narrative

Our opening speaker at TEDxLeeds2010 was Megan Smith, a new media artist and PhD candidate in Contemporary Fine Art Practice at Leeds Metropolitan University.

She uses the web as a space to source and make socially useful work. Her projects probe new systems for delivering syndicated data through narrative structure and she often works with Arduino, geo-location, digital print, video, and installation or a hybrid of these.

Her talk, Embedding Narrative, and extending social space, notably her project Our City Our Music and how Megan came to be in Leeds read this.

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Cities Past and Future

The final day of TEDGlobal 2009, brought together five perspectives on ‘cities past and future‘, but cities have been a longtime focus for all TED conferences.

We thought it’d be useful to share some of those earlier city-centric TED talks with youas an appropriate preamble to next month’s TEDxLeeds2010 and our theme of ‘the city as a platform’. Who knows we may even screen a couple for you…

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