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Tris Dyson

Tris Dyson is The Executive Director of Spice – a non-profit organisation that develops time credits for public services, based in London and Wales. Tris is Chairperson of Timebanking Wales and a Non-Executive Director of 3rdMinds.

Spice has taken the idea of timebanking – and applied rigorous thinking to develop very successful applications for engaging ‘service users’ as active participants in public services. Spice’s time credits acknowledge ‘active time’ given by service users to the public service, these credits are then redeemable for equivalent time in local leisure and recreational services. These credits have been highly successful at engaging the many rather than the few, thereby empowering ‘service users’ as community assets and so easing pressure on front-line services.

Read more about Tris’ work on time credits over at The Guardian.

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