Servane Mouazan: About Love & Tantrum Physics

Love & Tantrum Physics

Servane Mouazan will uncover the truth behind the women-led social entrepreneurship revolution. Through a high octane interactive group session, you’ll work out why you, yes YOU, are already perfect to start your own punk social revolution. And why you don’t need to change the whole world to qualify…

Servane Mouazan

Servane Mouazan believes in impact made by women. She is the founder and director of Ogunte CIC, an award winning organisation that contributes to “building a better world powered by women”. Ogunte enables women – social entrepreneurs, charitable organisations leaders and finance providers – to make a positive impact of people and planet, by enabling them to learn, lead, and connect.

Servane led the creation of Make a Wave, the first UK incubator for women social entrepreneurs. She developed the International Women’s Social Leadership Awards, as well as an activist angel network, focusing on women-led good businesses.

When she is not leading Ogunte. Servane coaches angels, social innovators, and women working at amplifying their personal legacy with positive and impactful projects.

Find out more at Servane’s personal website and at Ogunte.

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